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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hi all! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I can't believe it's Sunday *sobs*.
Today is the second and currently, final part of my jewellery storage post (currently - as I may accumulate more jewellery and need to find new storage solutions in the future lol).

I own a lot of statement necklaces that are a little difficult to store because you can't just throw them in a box and expect them to stay as perfect as they were when you first purchased them. So I currently store them in the large drawer of my IKEA Malm dressing table, which I am sure a lot of you ladies own. This drawer is HUGE and has a lovely soft inlay (I believe that's what it's called), so I find it's perfect to lay your necklaces out as they are and you can find them easily. As I have quite a few, I do have to sometimes lay them on top of each other which is fine.
In this drawer I also have some other bits and pieces that are in fairly small boxes, such as rings, bangles, Indian anklets etc, a few expensive pieces that of course are still in their original boxes and a pile of studs that I wear quite often so I just threw them in the drawer because I don't want to waste time fiddling around trying to get them off my earring stand.

I keep my earrings on this incredible stand that I purchased from a store that I absolutely love, It's called TIGER. This store has so many quirky items from stationary to storage to decor. It is located all around the UK and in Europe (which is handy).
I spotted this stand whilst shopping with my sister and you can bet we both bought it straight away because earrings are pretty annoying little (sometimes big) things to store. In a lot of cases you have one and not the other. 
When my Mum saw it, she wanted one too! 
It was really inexpensive at around £4. The stand swivels so you can see all your earrings without having to shuffle through anything and they're all clearly visible and in pairs (hopefully).

Now the next storage solution is not ideal, especially for a neat freak like me but technically, unless you look inside it's pretty neat!
It's another vintage looking gem from TK Maxx. I currently store all my new jewellery in this box, so that later on, when I have time I can put it all away exactly where it's meant to be. I have been a little naughty though because some of this stuff is from around 2-3 months ago. My excuse? I'm too busy and haven't had the time to go through it all. I also store my chokers in here, because I am still to master the art of storing chokers. I most probably will purchase an acrylic storage unit from Muji and lay them all out in one of those, so that I can see what I'm reaching for and also store it out of sight in my wardrobe but also where it's easy to reach, just like the earring stand. I know you guys must be thinking 'why out of sight?', I don't like things to look cluttered so the less the better in my opinion (the minimalist in me is talking there).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and most importantly enjoy the rest of your weekend because it's Monday tomorrow! *deuces*

Yogita x

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