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Friday, 24 February 2017

Happy Friday all! How fast has this week gone? Doris made yesterday an absolute nightmare for everyone here in the UK. We weren't expecting her that's for sure, I just hope she doesn't stay for tea!
Today's post is on how I store my jewellery. This will be split into more than one post as I have a lot of jewellery and I don't want my posts to be photo heavy. I really hope you guys find this post useful, it includes nifty little storage solutions that I've found and love.

I keep my dainty necklaces on this hanger from Primark, it was around £3-£4 which is insane. I absolutely love this because not only does it look good, it's also a sort of delicate suede/velvet texture so you don't have to worry about it damaging anything. I believe it does come in different colours, obviously I bought it in the black, being the minimalist that I am. I hang it on the handles of my wardrobe (as you can see). I let my necklaces sort of overlap each other, it helps me to see the necklaces individually and it means they don't get tangled up (I also think it looks prettier this way).

Rings are a little difficult to store without looking messy. I store mine in a really beautiful jar (I think that's what it's called), which was a present from my sister and a dog ring holder (sounds silly - looks amazing). I did get these a very long time ago so you may not be able to find them anymore.
The jar is from TK Maxx. I absolutely love this store for unique storage bits, I prefer to shop in store because there are tonnes of gems that they don't usually have on their website. This jar reminds me so much of India, which is probably why I love it a little more. But it looks absolutely beautiful on your vanity or chest of drawers. I currently have this on my Alex drawers from IKEA and everyone assumes I bought it from India! I just throw a bunch of my rings into the jar and voila not only do you have something to store your rings in but you also have something that is aesthetically pleasing.

The dog ring holder is from ASOS. Everyone knows I love ASOS, if you can't find what you're looking for anywhere else, chances are ASOS has it. I found this on their website a long time ago whilst I was browsing and instantly fell in love (the fact that it's white helped massively). I store my more delicate rings in this as the inside is a soft faux suede sort of texture. It has slots so you don't have to worry about your rings hitting each other and getting damaged.

The thing that I love most about these storage solutions is that you can see everything properly, whether it's the fact that the jar is glass or whether it's just your necklaces hanging out in the open. It makes everything so much easier to find and most importantly it doesn't look messy.

That is all for now my lovelies. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all in my next post!

Yogita x

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