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Sabyasachi Spring Couture 2017 | The Udaipur Collection

Thursday, 9 March 2017

You guys know I'll have to mention Sabyasachi Mukherjee at some point of my blogging lifetime so why not now? I love him, honestly. Sabyasachi recently dropped his new Spring 2017 collection via social media and it is the talk of the town (that's actually nothing new because this man is incredible. Incredible being an understatement).
If you don't know who Sabyasachi Mukherjee is... Erm have you been living under a rock or something?! 
He is an Indian fashion designer from Kolkata. Another fun fact is that he is my absolute all time favourite (did I say that already?). His celebrity clientele include the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sridevi Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Aishwarya Rai, to name a few and soon I will be amongst these names (dream on you numpty!).

There's something incredibly regal about all his designs, the heavy flowing skirts, the intricate embroidery, the jewellery; everything about his designs scream royalty. It's safe to say his outfits are definitely fit for a Queen or King.

I love the western twist on the outfit above, it has a saree vibe to it, with the pleated material going across the model's shoulder, the waterfall sequinned cape and a long gown look to it, all at the same time.

"Whether the Maharanis in their French chiffon with European flora and fauna print, the maharajas in their quiet arrogance, the exuberant interiors of their majestic palaces, their culture, traditions of clothing, their often eclectic tastes in luxury, all of those notions and insinuations come to life with my creative liberty in the Udaipur Collection. While there is global exposure to these iconic people, they are also extremely insular and proud of who they are and where they come from. And the existence of that feral dichotomy to me is the essence of empowered luxury" - Sabyasachi Mukherjee speaking of his new collection.

Some of the colours in his designs are extremely subtle yet make such a huge statement. It's very evident that he puts a lot of thought into his designs. Where he has a heavy design he's always sure to combine it with something simple. Even with such eye catching colours, they don't overpower the details in his designs, which I think is extremely important. I love that his designs appeal to a whole heap of women, whether you like to show a little skin or cover up as much as possible, he never takes away the glamour of it all. You can still look incredibly beautiful in his designs even with your skin covered up.

He makes everything from sarees, bridal outfits, men's suits, jewellery and he's also collaborated with Christian Louboutin in the past, you can view their collection here. There is literally nothing this man can't do.
If there was one designer I could pick to design my wedding outfit and all the other 348758 outfits that you need for a big fat Indian wedding, it would, without a doubt be Sabyasachi.
I love that he combines floral prints and embroidery into the traditional saree, it isn't something you see very often.
The simplicity and the grandeur of his designs are just beautiful. He's probably the only designer that can combine a bold design and make it simple at the same time.

Appealing to males is even more difficult than women at times but Sabyasachi combines beautiful designs for men whilst keeping it simple because let's be real no man wants a tonne of sequins and glitter on his suit. Look at the footwear, I mean what man wouldn't want to be seen wearing these?! Every little detail is just stunning.

I love the dupatta's on the outfits above, the skirts have a Banarasi vibe to them so the floral print really compliments his design. I would have never thought to put Banarasi and floral print together. The wide border on the skirts look so flattering. Another thing I love about his designs is that the skirts aren't just flat, they have pleats, they have shadows. You can tell just how much work and material has gone into each piece.

How incredible is the skirt above?! I love that the blouse and the dupatta are fairly simple, it just draws your attention to the details on the skirt and the neckline of the blouse. I love that the suits are simple too but the turban's are printed, it just looks insane! I couldn't love Sabyasachi more if I tried!

All these beautiful photos for the new collection were taken at the beautiful Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur by the incredibly talented photographer, Tarun Khiwal.
These photos make me want to move to India even more now (if you know me you will know how much I love going to India, I'm obsessed). 

Can we just look at the blouses below! Whether you want a simple white outfit or a totally in your face bright pink outfit, this man has it all. I love that Sabyasachi doesn't match everything up, he'll have a maroon blouse, green skirt and a bright pink dupatta, it's just incredibly pleasing to the eye. I could stare at his designs all day. I would love to spend a day at one of his stores in India, preferably the one in New Delhi because that store is an interior masterpiece. It won't be surprising if someone finds me amongst the pile of hangers in his store room in the middle of the night because I bet, even his hangers are impressive.

I have seen so many real life brides on his Instagram page and it's just incredible to see real women wearing his outfits because we're all used to seeing his outfits in films and on the catwalk, which of course look great but I love seeing his delightful designs on real women, different shapes, sizes, religions and even different themed weddings. 
He's literally taking over the world. Yet there is something incredibly humble and simple about the man himself, which makes him so likeable. In my opinion he is extremely underrated. He represents India through his designs perfectly and that's extremely beautiful to witness. It's incredibly easy to lose your vision in the hopes of global domination just to appeal to an audience that may not necessarily be interested in your vision. I love that Sabyasachi has collaborated with the likes of Christian Louboutin and still made sure his ideas aren't suppressed in the process, instead he's made sure the whole world knows exactly what he represents.

Images: Sabyasachi

You can view the whole collection over on Sabyasachi's Instagram or Facebook page.
Sabyasachi is available in the UK at Aashni + Co along with a whole bunch of other incredible designers.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it. I am now going to drool over Sabyasachi's Facebook page. Toodles!

Yogita x

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