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Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters | Review + Swatches

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Afternoon all! I hope you are all doing extremely well on this fine evening, wherever you may be. I am currently sweating my a*** off because it is beyond boiling in London today, let's hope this weather continues through the long bank holiday weekend (although I can't stand the heat and much prefer the cold weather).
I know, I know it's been a long time, but I am back with a good one today. You will not be disappointed (I hope).
As you all may know Makeup Revolution released their liquid highlighters this week and let's be real which one of us isn't obsessed with highlighters? As soon as Adam Minto announced their arrival on his Instagram page, I was like 'shut up and take my money'.
Makeup Revolution has got to be one of my favourite drugstore brands, not only are the products extremely affordable, they also pack a punch against the high end products on the market. Speaking of packing a punch, who is looking forward to the Mayweather v McGregor fight tonight? I bloody well am. Team McGregor up in here!

Stop getting distracted Yogz.

Back to the topic in hand. Makeup Revolution came out with 7 shades in total, although I only purchased 6 out of the 7 because as much as I love highlighter I am not going to get much use out of the Unicorn Elixir highlighter and the name just makes me picture myself as a unicorn prancing around with that highlighter on (I know you pictured it too, it's ok to admit it).
I know there's a heck of a lot of liquid highlighters out on the market but none of them are as affordable as these, at just £6 a pop they cost a fraction of the price of most highlighters, yep you heard right, I said £6! They are also currently on offer at Superdrug. So for me they worked out at £4 each, which is insane.

My holy grail highlighter has got to be Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm, but powder highlighters can often end up looking cakey if they aren't applied correctly, which is why I believe liquid highlighters are a god send, providing you use the right amount and the right technique/tools.
When it comes to liquid highlighters I prefer using a wet beauty blender and I try not to blend it out too much because otherwise you'll end up with just specks of glitter on your face.

On to these bad boys.
I'll start with the packaging. The highlighters come in glass bottles and although they feel quite delicate they have been packaged very well. I was pretty impressed to see that the highlighters came in glass bottles because at that price I was expecting the packaging to be plastic. The applicator is a pipette, which I think is great, because it means no mess or waste. You can just pop a couple of drops on your cheekbones and dab away.
The bottles may look small but you need very little product and when I say very little, I mean very little. These will last absolute ages.

Shoutout to my sister for the picture above, you the realist.

The quality of these highlighters is incredible, whether we're talking about the packaging, the shade range or the product itself. These highlighters are extremely pigmented and give the most beautiful glow to the skin. These can be used on the high points of your face or on your body. Another perk of liquid highlighters is that they look beautiful on your body as well as your face and as I mentioned before it won't look cakey.

Top to bottom - Starlight, Luminous Gold, Champagne, Bronze Gold, Rose Gold and Lustre Gold

As you can see from my amateur swatches above (I thought swatching liquid lipsticks was hard, little did I know), there is a good shade range and they are very pigmented. Starlight has a pink undertone, Luminous Gold looks like it has a peach undertone whereas the rest of them have a golden undertone, which is usually the kind of highlighters I go for and although the bottom three highlighters are a little dark for me and may be for others too. You can still make them work for you because they blend beautifully.
Another thing I noticed about these highlighters was that it was an absolute battle to remove these off my arm, so you can bet they'll last all night. They'll probably be able to see you in Mars whilst you're trying to wash it off your face.
You can use these on their own, mix them with your foundation or even with your moisturiser (this is my favourite technique) for a natural glow all over your face and body. As you guys know I'm not a fan of using makeup on a daily basis and usually stick to translucent powder and mascara, but I am all for these highlighters in my moisturiser. If you see someone looking like a disco ball on the tube, it's probably me (sorry not sorry).

You better believe I had to take a photo of these highlighters that can turn you into a glowing goddess with one dab, in the sunlight. I highly recommend wearing your sunglasses for the following swatches. Just saying 😎

Top to bottom - Starlight, Luminous Gold, Champagne, Bronze Gold, Rose Gold and Lustre Gold

Champagne is my favourite shade out of the lot. Speaking of favourites, if you haven't watched Sophia and Cinzia on youtube or follow them on Instagram you are missing out big time. These girls are beyond hilarious, absolutely gorgeous and are totally my soul sisters. They have got me hooked on Paige Toon. I have been reading her books non-stop. I ordered another 5 of her books as I was writing this post, yes I am that obsessed. If you haven't read any of her books you NEED to read them asap. Every book connects to the other in the most smartest way. Paige Toon if you're reading this you are AMAZING (let's be real she probably has better things to do).

You can watch Sophia & Cinzia here and follow them here

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters available here and here (currently 3 for 2 at Superdrug)

I hope you all have a lovely long bank holiday weekend and I shall see you all in my next post (let's hope the next one comes sooner than this one did).

Yogita x

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  1. Thanks hun great review! Do they dry down on top of foundation eye? Also do you happen to have Cover fx or Iconic London drops and can do a compare?

    1. Hi Angelyn,
      Thank you so much. Unfortunately I don't! But I will definitely try and do a comparison.