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How to Maintain/Grow Thick Eyebrows

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's Wednesday. That means we've made it through half of the week and we are well on our way to the weekend! (wake me up when it's Friday).
I hope you're all doing well this wonderful evening. It's actually not wonderful at all in London, the weather is so gloomy, the sun came out for a hefty 5 minutes today, which is no surprise for us.

My post today is about my eyebrows and how I maintain their thickness. What I am about to tell you will also help with the growth of your eyebrows or even your hair!

My eyebrows are naturally very thick and very black. I never fill my eyebrows in because it looks ridiculous on me and I'm not a fan of it in general and as my eyebrows are really black in colour, I find that a lot of brow products aren't black enough and can make my eyebrows look like they have a red/brown shadow, which is very visible. The only brow products I own are clear brow gels. My favourite one is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (available here and here).
Now, my Mum always said leave your eyebrows as they are for as long as you can because you will regret it otherwise, so I got my eyebrows done for the first time a little later than most. If there's one thing that I learnt along the way it was to NEVER change your eyebrow lady (loyalty is key) and don't get your eyebrows done too often, this will make them sparse and will make your hairs grow back faster.
There has been times where my eyebrow lady was absent from work (I have never been so disappointed in my life) but I made sure to wait instead of settling for a not so talented lady, because the one time I did let someone else do them I was left so horrified, she basically halved them (by that I don't mean she took the tail off because that would have killed me, but I'm still here). It took me ages to grow them back; That was a very long time ago so I'm pretty much over that ordeal. I have had the same lady do my eyebrows for absolute years and I have genuine love for her not because she's so bloody good at it but because she's become a really good friend of my Mum's and she's genuinely a really lovely lady (this makes me sound like a psycho, sorry not sorry). She is the same lady that does my Mum's eyebrows and my Sister's, not my Dad's because he has naturally fleeky ones.

My favourite oils to use on my eyebrows are Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Mustard Oil. Most of the time I keep a little container that has the Castor Oil and Mustard Oil already mixed because otherwise things can get a little messy. I use the Coconut Oil on it's own when I'm not using the mixture. I use cotton buds to apply the oils directly on to my eyebrows, just because it's a lot less messy, a lot more hygienic and the castor oil has a thick consistency so you don't want to get this on your hands or on any surfaces. The Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds are my favourite because they don't come apart very easily (you will most probably have these lying around at home but if you don't they are available here).

Using these oils have really helped make sure my eyebrows don't become sparse and that my hair doesn't start thinning. If you're someone that wants to make your eyebrows grow faster or make them healthier/thicker then this will definitely help. You can also use these oils on your hair for the same benefits! I always apply the oils onto my eyebrows after cleansing my face and usually apply them at night, leaving them on overnight and washing them off in the shower/bath the following morning.

Castor Oil carries Ricinoleic Acid and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn increases hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and strengthens the roots of your hair, so essentially it's working on the strands of your hair as well as on the inside by soaking into your scalp and strengthening the roots.

Mustard Oil works in pretty much the same way as Castor Oil but it has some other pretty impressive benefits too. It contains high amounts of Beta-Carotene. The Beta-Carotene converts into Vitamin A which helps with hair growth. It also contains Iron, Fatty Acids, Calcium and Magnesium, all of which also help with hair growth. Now for the really impressive things: Mustard Oil prevents hair loss, premature greying and it naturally darkens your hair (say goodbye to eyebrow tints). I have no idea whether it actually darkens your hair because my hair is really black, but I have read that a lot of people found it did darken their hair.

Coconut Oil makes your hair a lot more healthier and prevents the loss of hair. It helps reduce the loss of protein in your hair as it is so naturally rich in protein. It soaks into your scalp/skin very easily as it is low in molecular weight. It retains moisture, helps prevent grey hair and sparseness. Coconut Oil can be used for a tonne of different things because it is natural and really good for your hair and skin in general.
It can also be used on your teeth, this is called oil pulling. This method removes bacteria and makes your gums and teeth healthier, I love doing this. After brushing my teeth, I take a spoonful and swirl it around my mouth for 20-30 minutes and then spit it out, it has made my teeth and gums a lot more healthier.
You can also use Coconut Oil as a moisturiser or as a cleanser as it is natural so it isn't harsh on your skin. I love the smell of coconut oil so I use this as much as I can!

Fushi Castor Oil - available here If you sign up to their newsletter you can get 10% off. I love this brand for all their natural products.

Fushi Castor Oil - available here Get 10% off with the code FIRST10 and Free Shipping Worldwide. This is where I get it from.

Holland & Barrett Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil - available here Currently half price. The tub is huge so it will last you absolute ages!

Mustard Oil - I get mine from Tesco, so I'm guessing it's probably available in most supermarkets.

I really hope you guys found this post helpful!

Yogita x

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