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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | Review

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Today's post is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette appreciation post (that was just as hard for me to say as it was for you). We are approaching much sunnier days in London and I'm all for experimenting with my eyeshadows during the Summer as long as I don't end up looking like Krusty the clown.
I'm not a huge user of eyeshadows on a daily basis, I actually hardly ever wear eyeshadow but I absolutely love collecting eyeshadow palettes because you never know when you might need a specific shade and you're bound to find them in one of your 24876 eyeshadow palettes. If I had just one orange/brown eyeshadow to use for the rest of my life, that would do me fine.
BUT (yes that's a very big but) as soon as I saw the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette I was in absolute love! I know a lot of girls have been umming and ahhing about whether to purchase it just because of the deep pinks in the palette and I was thinking exactly the same thing. Would I ever really use the pinks? How much wear would I actually get out of the palette? You get the jist, but of course I caved in and bought it. I really regret not buying the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario, so I was not about to make the same mistake again (Anastasia if you're reading this, please bring back the Master Palette by Mario!).

I do not regret purchasing the Modern Renaissance Palette one bit.

It is absolutely stunning, the packaging is beautiful, it's a lovely dusky lilac faux suede texture, which is something I've never seen when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. The palette comes with a brush (a really good quality one), the Anastasia Beverly Hills logo is in rose gold on the outside and just under the mirror, which ties the whole palette together beautifully. Most of the eyeshadow palettes I own come in some not so aesthetically pleasing plastic packaging, I'm not complaining but it's not something that impressed me. Of course it's the product inside that matters the most but packaging is a huge thing when you're parting with a pretty hefty amount of your hard earned money.
There are really only two eyeshadows that I would be hesitant to use (Love Letter and Venetian Red) but even then I think if you used them with a light hand or blended them with some of the other shades, they'd look pretty good!
My favourite shade in the palette is Raw Sienna, like I said before, give me an orange/brown eyeshadow and I'll happily use it for the rest of my life - Raw Sienna is that eyeshadow.
The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is really really good. If you've ever owned any of Anastasia's palettes or products, this is something that's pretty common with her palettes, you basically get what you're paying for and that's a really good product for a not so bad price.
I know some people may be reading this and thinking 'but there's so many palettes out there that are half the price and contain a lot more eyeshadows' and I can't disagree but this is one of those products that if you really want it, you won't mind paying the price. No-one is going to make you buy the palette, let's be real. I'm totally against the overrated hyped up products that you'll see on Instagram and Youtube. Some people feel pressurised into buying it just because you see it everywhere, please don't feel like you have to buy beauty products just because you've seen it on 34 posts in the past 10 minutes on your Instagram feed. This is my honest opinion, I did my research, looked at swatches, watched a few Youtube tutorials, thought about it (quite a few times) and parted with my money and I was not disappointed. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that I have never been disappointed with, so I didn't mind paying £41 for an eyeshadow palette.

You can see swatches of the eyeshadow palette on a selection of skin tones here. As you can see it compliments any skin tone, which is another thing that's really important. I hate products that are targeted at one specific skin tone. We're in the 21st century, get with it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette - available here and here

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Yogita x
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